Application Security

Making sure you're not coding tomorrow's problems today.

If your organization is like many others, you are striving to build applications faster, and trying to get them to market sooner. Unfortunately, these goals may be met at a price. In a time where security breaches are becoming more common, less emphasis is being put on building applications with security in mind -- applications which are typically the primary access point for your data. What good are your network and server security controls if you're leaving your front door unlocked?

Workstate's Application Security teams help make security part of your development mindset. We work closely with your developers to make sure best practices are being followed, and your applications are properly audited. Our security experts can even become members of your team to help ingrain security as an enduring part of your team culture.


Application Security Audit

If you are storing high-risk data like personal information or credit cards, you shouldn't assume that automated tests are enough. After manually testing your applications, Workstate provides you with detailed vulnerability reports, so that you can be assured of your security level, and have actionable insights to work with.

Agile Process Enhancement

Most developers have been rewarded for speed and reliability, but not for security. Workstate's security specialists step in with your agile teams to transform not only that outmoded perspective, but the flawed security habits that follow. With this training and raised awareness, your team soon takes over healthy security protocols and owns them.

Architecture Review

Don't continue to build long term vulnerabilities into your code. Our seasoned architects review your code, as well as your development processes, and deliver an in-depth assessment of overall security protocols and practices.


  • Application Security Audits
  • Code Reviews
  • Secure Code Training
  • Vulnerability Notices
  • Threat Model Creation/Identification
  • Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

Time to get a handle on your security risks?