Big Data

Convert data into actionable insights.

Has your organization has been collecting data for years from various sources -- with the volume increasing each day -- but you struggle to extract value from it? Or, maybe you've been tasked with paving a brand new path in big data collection and analysis for your business.

Workstate helps clients navigate their journey harnessing this information to build a competitive, data-driven company. We assist you in evaluating your data, matching it to your company's measurable business objective, illustrating how to make better decisions, increase revenue, and cut costs. We partner with you to demonstrate across your organization the hidden value of your data, and help you fully implement your Big Data Solution.


Big Data Assessment

Are there business insights or revenue sources lurking somewhere in your data warehouses? Workstate's Big Data Assessment is designed to uncover such opportunities. With your stakeholders, we investigate and document the information relied upon to support day-to-day business decisions. We then evaluate your data for patterns and correlations that bring greater insight and predictability to those decisions. This data mapping assessment reveals if a Big Data investment has a desirable ROI for your organization.

Big Data Proof-of-Concept

So, you're the Big Data evangelist in your organization, but you need, well, data, to sell a solution internally before making the large investment in hardware, software and resources. With just a snapshot of your information, and the output from our Big Data Assessment, we deliver a cloud-based Proof-of-Concept to assist you in your efforts.

Big Data Team Rental

You need to bring your Big Data solution to production, and fast? Workstate provides fully functional teams to help implement your Big Data platform. Let us take you from concept to production by leveraging best practices and technologies.


  • Big Data Strategy, Governance and Architecture
  • Big Data Software Solution Provider and Vendor Evaluation
  • Big Data Readiness, Solution Assessments and Recommendation
  • Cloudera Implementation
  • Hortonworks Implementation
  • Machine Learning
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Teaching and Education

Wasting precious data insights?