Cloud Shift

Going to the cloud? Workstate has the expertise to get you there.

Getting to the cloud requires more than simple knowledge of AWS, Azure and other modern cloud architectures. It also requires deep familiarity with pre-cloud history of applications.

Workstate has 20 years of experience partnering with businesses by designing, developing and supporting custom applications. This knowledge is vital when helping companies answer that burning question, “Should we move to the cloud?”

Tap into our expertise to assess, migrate and transform your legacy applications.

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Which Migration is Right for You?

Every application is different and deserves a right-sized approach to cloud migration. At Workstate we assess your company's goals and the details of each application in order to recommend one of the following migration styles:

  • Lift and Shift - We migrate an existing application or digital product as-is to the cloud.

  • Lift and Refit - We make minimal changes required to cloud-enable an application or digital product. Necessary modifications are introduced only to achieve parity with the pre-migration application features.

  • Lift and Evolve - We determine with you what improvements to the application are necessary as part of the migration. Possibilities include:
  • Enhanced Identity and Access Management - Replacing or augmenting the current application authentication and authorization mechanisms with upgraded cloud solutions such as cloud directory provider, author logins, or on-premises SSO integration.

  • Enhanced Application Security - Improving application security auditing and testing beyond what was available in the original application.

  • Enhanced Scalability and Availability - Investing in cloud-based scalability and availability features such as load balancers, auto-scaling, cross-datacenter redundancy and failover.

  • Enhanced Features - Augmenting a modest set of features that can be designed and developed within the planned timeframe of the application migration. The application will include the feature enhancements when delivered to the cloud.
  • Lift and Rebuild - We offer a buffet of choices from some, or all, of the previous tiers as needed, accompanied by significant new feature development, which can be pursued in either an agile or fixed-bid style.


Cloud Shift vs. Refit Readiness Assessment

In our detailed assessment report, we evaluate your applications or digital products to determine whether they can be moved without any code changes (Lift and Shift) or whether they have features and dependencies that must be updated prior to a cloud-ready migration (Lift and Refit).

Cloud Evolve: Identity and Access Management Strategy

This summary describes which authentication and authorization features of your application should be enhanced during a Lift and Evolve project.

Cloud Evolve: Scalability and Availability Strategy

We offer a cloud architecture strategy based on existing application metrics, goals and plans, in order to achieve your scalability and availability needs as efficiently as possible.

Cloud Migration Test Plan Development

This detailed, post-migration test plan is based on the current version of your application, to ensure that existing features don't regress, and that new features are fully tested.


  • Amazon AWS Architecture and Implementation
  • Microsoft Azure Architecture and Implementation
  • Test Plan Development and Implementation
  • Content and Data Migration
  • Custom Fixed-Bid Development
  • Custom Agile Development
  • Database Design, Development and Refactoring
  • All common web and application platforms: JEE, .NET, Rails, LAMP

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