Identity and Access Management

Security, safety and single point of access. For all your accounts.

As legacy systems are becoming obsolete, companies are turning to cloud software to run their businesses -- but many are inexperienced with handling the mess of dozens of different accounts. The legitimate concern about keeping personal details safe and secure in the cloud can also be immobilizing in the migration-planning process. Our team of experts can alleviate these fears and assist in providing single account access using the most secure and trusted techniques. To underscore our commitment:

  • We are a Microsoft partner, member of the Azure Identity Advisory Board, and a proven implementor of Azure Active Directory and related services.

  • Workstate assists you in all phases of the identity and access management migration process -- from planning to implementation, to maintenance and support.

  • No matter what your identity and access management needs may be, Workstate has the skills and tools to create your ideal solution.
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Single Sign-On (SSO) Readiness Assessment

For all of your Enterprise applications, we offer a deep assessment that discovers and details how your systems handle Identity and Access Management today. Deliverables include an Identity and Access Inventory, an SSO-readiness Gap Analysis, and an SSO Blueprint -- each of which creates your personalized road map to success.

Enterprise Identity Audit

We review all of your users, roles, personas and securable resources to deliver a blueprint for identity control. This blueprint contains a plan for what resources should be secured, how they should be secured, and recommendations on how to provide a flexible, extensible and scalable Identity and Access model.

Identity Management System (IMS) Selection

Using our comprehensive IMS platform assessment tools, we help you determine the best IAM/SSO solution for your Enterprise.


  • Azure Active Directory Adoption
  • Identity Management System Implementation
  • Custom Identity API Development
  • Custom Identity Management System Integration

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