Technology Team Rental

Development teams. No assembly required.

Have you ever needed to fit a new, high priority project or product into your development cycle -- with little-to-no give on other projects? Perhaps you had to try one or more of the following to accomplish the task:

  • Spent months trying to hire some of the most in-demand skills in the economy.
  • Re-purposed existing resources less-suited for the job.
  • Hired offshore, and hoped for the best.

All are possible solutions – but are not necessarily practical, or pain-free.

It turns out, it is possible to keep on target, and not have to go to extreme measures. With our Technology Team Rental offering, Workstate provides you with a veteran team of colleagues that are ready to deliver a rock-solid solution in record time.


Team Resource Assessment

Starting with a series of interviews, Workstate rapidly uncovers where you are today, and where you need to be tomorrow. Just as with the successful outcomes we've had with clients like Dell, CBS Interactive and Public Storage, we deliver a detailed recommendation, complete with a description of all resource roles, resource allocation levels and pricing.

Fixed-Bid Project Elaboration

If a fixed-bid development project is your need, Workstate specializes in managing the not-insignificant risks. We recommend an Elaboration Phase, wherein all salient details of the project scope are researched, documented and delivered as a complete blueprint for the development project. Each blueprint includes a complete Team Resource Assessment, which provides full details on construction costs.


  • Fixed-Bid Custom Software Development
  • Agile Custom Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Custom Integrations
  • Data Migrations

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